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Introducing Pencil’s “Complex Boundaries” System for Incentive Administrators

A picture of paper maps layered on top of one another.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Getting precise about what incentives actually apply to you is surprisingly difficult. That’s why we’ve invested in what we now call our Complex Boundaries system that lets us easily create and maintain custom areas so that we can pinpoint every incentive administrator that applies to your home or project site. This internal tool allows us to discover all incentives that may be available for you, accounting for what we call your geographic eligibility!

We built this system for two reasons. First, there simply isn’t data available for many incentive administrators and authority having jurisdictions (AHJs), so we needed a way to create boundaries ourselves. Second, it’s so hard to keep track of what city/county/utility/etc. serves a particular address, let alone hundreds or thousands of addresses, and a building’s location is almost always a determining factor for incentive program eligibility.

These are images of the combined/overlapping service territories for the following administrators:

We also have interesting use cases like modeling where funding is still available for major incentive programs such as TECH Clean California's market rate heat pump water heater incentives. As of this writing, TECH incentives are still available in the San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas utility territories.

A photo of a collection of shapes representing the areas in which a person can still access market-rate heat pump water heater incentives from TECH Clean California.
TECH Clean California - HWPH Market-Rate

Of course, geographic eligibility is just the beginning. Follow along as we share more updates on how we make projects Pencil.


A photo of a collection of shapes spelling PENCIL in capital letters.
Pencil - US Counties in Kansas and Missouri



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