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Making More Projects Pencil with our Incentives API

We’re thrilled to announce the alpha launch of our Incentives API, a major milestone in our mission towards unlocking policy data and insights to help decarbonize our economy. Economic incentives like rebates and tax credits play a major role in spurring new behavior, in this case towards the adoption of technologies that are energy efficient and do not rely on fossil fuels. But while incentives can have a massive impact, they’re rarely easy to discover, understand, and apply to your context.

After months of initial requirements gathering, data ingestion, data cleaning, development, and testing, we’re excited to open the doors to our API's alpha release. This marks a pivotal moment not only for Pencil, but also for companies and platforms helping everyday people electrify their homes.

What is the Incentives API?

Our Incentives API provides access to extremely fragmented data on incentives for energy efficient technologies like EVs, Heat Pump HVAC systems, and building insulation, made available by thousands of local municipalities, utility companies, and state programs. Designed with flexibility in mind, our API offers a comprehensive suite of features to transform your projects or the projects you support.

Key Features of the API:

  • Explore what incentive programs may apply to you or your customer’s project

  • Filter by project characteristics

  • Understand what requirements must be complied with to be eligible for each incentive

  • All with the ease of use and customization that comes with integrating an API

What to Expect from the Alpha Release:

During the alpha phase, we’ve invited a handful of early testers to experiment with and provide feedback on our API. We plan to open the API up as part of an open beta over the next few months.

How to Get Involved:

  • Express your interest in participating in the beta when we open up the API further. Head over to and sign up for beta access.

  • Explore our documentation: Upon registering, we’ll share our API documentation that includes information on our endpoints, sample requests, and the ability to make mock calls.

We’re Just Getting Started

Whether you’re helping homeowners chart their electrification journey or building a suite of next-generation tools for contractors, we’d love to get connected. Stay tuned for updates, learnings, and new developments by following us on LinkedIn and subscribing to our newsletter. Incentives are the first stop on our journey to make efficiency and electrification projects easier, faster, and cheaper.

Thank you for your interest and we can’t wait for you to give the API a spin!


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