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Pencil makes it easy to find and calculate incentives for your energy project.

Our team reviews federal, state, and local incentives that are applicable to your energy project, so you don't have to.

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Pencil a project

1. Enter proposed project address

This lets us cross-reference hundreds of incentives that rely on geographies

2. Describe your project

Such as technologies involved, and customer type (e.g. residential, commercial)

3. Generate an estimate

Pencil identifies the specific incentives applicable to the project and generates an initial estimate

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Homeowners and renters looking to make the most of an electrification project

Project Developers

Deploying electrification projects

Non-profits & Community Organizations

Leading outreach, education, and promoting equity


Empowering industry with the tools to lead the energy transition

Financial Institutions & Services

Financing the energy transition

Clients & Partners

Get a Demo

Let's Get Started

Get in touch to start working with us!


  • What technologies do you support?
    We currently support all technologies across home and building electrification, weatherization, and electric vehicles. Please contact us if you have a pressing need for a specific technology.
  • What regions do you cover?
    We currently support all of California, and will be expanding soon. Please contact us if you have a pressing need for a specific state/region.
  • How is this different from other websites that provide information on incentives?
    While other sites provide incentive information, we are the only structured data set for incentives. Meaning that we don't just offer a bulleted list of requirements and eligibility conditions, but we have structured this information to enable you to dynamically compute eligibility and total incentive amounts based on some specified parameters.
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