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Decarbonize & De-Risk, Economically

Your investors and tenants want better buildings and new policy is mandating it. Pencil helps you navigate the complex world of energy incentives so you can decarbonize your buildings without sacrificing ROI. Whether you're embarking on a new construction or retrofitting an older building, we're here to help.


Incentive data in your app

You're building the future of electrification with tools to help streamline the deployment of more energy-efficient technologies, but you need help navigating the ever-changing world of energy incentives. From heat pump water heaters to induction ranges, we've got you covered. Unlock incentive data within your application with our Incentives API

Our Products

Receive a personalized report of all energy-related incentives available for your residential or commercial project.

Custom Report

Incentives API

API access to our national database of energy incentives across every level of government (coming soon!).

Why Pencil?

We offer the most comprehensive database of energy incentives from every level of government, for every technology. From the IRA to your air district, we have it all.
Our technology and human-in-the-loop processes are built to catch every update to an incentive program. Whether it's a small text change or a program exhausting its funds, we're on top of it.
Never miss a requirement you or your customer must comply with in order to be eligible for an incentive.
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